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The Poznań Philharmonic is looking for partners

The Poznań Philharmonic (Wielkopolska Region, Poland) is looking for partners for a project under 

the Creative Europe programme (European Cooperation projects).

The main goal of the project is the promotion of classical music. This will be an interdisciplinary project and will concern the composers who have emigrated:
- for historical and political reasons (e.g Chopin, Palester, Tansman, Kassern, Weinberg and many others)
- in order to study and work without losing contacts with the home country (Moniuszko)
- to change the place of residence and work (Maciejewski, Scharwenka, Meyer, Czajkowski)

The project aims at:
- presenting the developments of art from the perspective of the artist-emigrant,
- promotion of composers' creativity,
- music education,
- integration of music enthusiasts in Europe,
- showing that classical music can be interesting.

Duration of the project: 2019-2021.

Partners searched are associations and foundations from countries that have experienced the emigration of well-known composers and which would like to conduct workshops and interdisciplinary projects.

Contact person:
Agnieszka Wieczorek (
Wielkopolska Region Brussels Office
Rue Montoyer 21, 1000
+ 32 (0) 2 734 09 41tel.
+ 48 61 278 53 96 (PL)